1. Dams
    Services we provide for dams include serving as Engineer of Record as required by GA DNR EPD - Safe Dams program, annual inspections, Engineering Design, Permitting & Construction Contract Administration, Hydrological & Hydraulic Analysis.
  2. Water Treatment Plants
    Water Treatment Plants
    Services for water treatment plants include renovations, repairs, and replacements.
  3. Water Wells
    Water Wells
    Common Services provided include Test and Permanent Well Development, Well Renovations, Drawings & Technical Specifications, Construction Contract Administration, Permitting, Bidding, and Testing.
  4. Tanks
    Services for tanks include the design of new tanks, repairs and painting of existing tanks, and demolitions of old ones.
  5. Water Mains
    Water Mains
    We have designed water mains of various lengths and diameters to suit our clients' needs.
  6. Meters
    Our meter projects include water and gas.
  7. Sewage Treatment Plants
    Sewage Treatment Plants
    Services for Sewage Treatment Plants include permitting, renovations, and construction of new facilities.
  8. On-Site Disposal Systems
    On-Site Disposal Systems
    Services for On-Site Disposal Systems include reviewing design basis, soil studies and percolation tests.
  9. Sewer Mains
    Sewer Mains
    We have designed sewer mains of various lengths and diameters to suit our clients' needs.
  10. Pump Stations & Force Mains
    Pump Stations & Force Mains
    We have designed force mains and pump stations of varying lengths and gallons per minute. Some force mains we have designed are as long as 40,00 feet, and pump stations pumping as much as 33,000 gallons per minute.
  11. Civil Sites
    Civil Sites
    Services for Civil Sites include expansion for various buildings for government and industry, parks, drainage improvements, and reconstruction.
  12. Roadways
    Services for Roadways include roundabouts, guard rail replacements, striping, drainage improvements, sidewalks and sidewalk extensions, bridges, and streetscapes. Pedestrian projects include walking trails and bike paths.
  13. Solid Waste
    Solid Waste
    Services for solid waste include proper closure and reopening of existing landfills, and the construction of new facilities. We assist with EPD approval, mapping, soil testing, and operational plans.